Saving is made easy with the four types of shopping

Lyoness offers you four ways of getting cash paid back into your account with every purchase. Save money when shopping either with your personal Lyoness cashback card, with mobile vouchers, with original vouchers/gift cards or online.

The Lyoness Newsletter

gives you up-to-date information about vouchers and exclusive special offers from the Lyoness Loyalty Merchants. It also provides news of upcoming competitions where you can win prizes, major Lyoness events, business events and projects of the Child & Family Foundation. Register now and always be the first to enjoy the benefits!

Lyoness Online Shopping

With Lyoness, you receive cashback on every purchase and also enjoy the Lyoness Benefits. Simply choose your preferred loyalty merchant from more than 5,000 online shops and you will receive up to 2% Cashback immediately.

Lyoness Online Shopping - Money Back With Every Purchase

Lyoness Online Shopping: Cashback with every purchase

You receive Cashback on every purchase and also enjoy the Lyoness Benefits. Simply choose your preferred Loyalty Merchant from more than 5,000 online shops on the Lyoness website and you will receive up to 2% Cashback immediately. You can also take advantage of the special online offers and Lyoness Voucher Codes.

How to save money with Lyoness Online Shopping

  • Log into with your user name and password. Under the “SHOPPING” menu use the Loyalty Merchant Search function to simply find the Lyoness Online Loyalty Merchant you want. Remember to filter the Cashback type you want according to “Online Shopping”.
  • Once you have found the Lyoness Loyalty Merchant of your choice, click on the company logo or the “Shop online” button. The shop you select will then open in a new browser window. Now you can make your purchase according to the online store’s particular terms of use.
  • Within approx. 48 hours, your purchase will be displayed online under “My purchases”. Credit will be reimbursed to your Cash Account as soon as your purchase is complete. Applicable conversion periods and delivery times will be taken into account here.

Please remember to enable cookies in your browser before shopping online to ensure your Cashback is tracked.

Most popular Online Shopping categories:

With the Cashback Bar it’s even easier to shop online

Get the Lyoness Cashback Bar now and shop even easier and more comfortably online. The Cashback Bar can be installed on your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari) in just a few easy steps. After installation, you just login with your personal Lyoness login data, activate your Cashback and you can always find the suitable Online Loyalty Merchant as well as Vouchers Codes – makes shopping sweeter!
Get the Cashback Bar now!

Lyoness Online Shopping highlights

Lyoness Members enjoy exclusive Lyoness Benefits. For example, free shipping, additional discounts with Lyoness Voucher Codes at Loyalty Merchants and new special offers every day.
See the FAQs for more information on Online Shopping.