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Lyoness Online Shopping

Earn Cashback and collect Shopping Points for every purchase while enjoying a number of other exciting Lyoness Benefits. Simply log in and check out our 8,500+ Online Loyalty Merchants. Select your favourite and place your order – up to 5% Cashback and Shopping Points will soon be winging their way to your account!

Lyoness Online Shopping - Money Back With Every Purchase

Online Shopping with Lyoness – Save even more and shop even quicker!

Lyoness online shopping is the quickest and easiest way to enjoy the Lyoness Benefits. Stress-free shopping, 24/7! Products from a wide range of different shops, amazing Voucher offers plus Cashback and Shopping Points with every purchase – Shopping online with Lyoness helps you to save both time and money.

Your Benefits when shopping online with Lyoness:

  • Up to 5% Cashback
  • Shopping Points
  • Over 7,200 Online Shops
  • Over 170 million products
  • New daily Offers and Discounts
  • Stress-free shopping, all day every day


A wide array of offers for online shoppers

Online shopping with Lyoness opens the door to a whole new shopping experience. Lyoness Members have access to over 7,200 different Online Shops spread around the globe, giving them the chance to receive Cashback and Shopping Points on over 170 million products and services. And it’s not just the exceptional standard of quality of our Loyalty Merchants that continues to impress our Members, it’s also the fact that we have found a Loyalty Merchant for almost every area of retail. Lyoness Benefits are available from a number of well-known online brands, such as Apple, Dell or Puma to name just a few.

Make the most of daily deals

Shopping online with Lyoness doesn’t just give you access to Cashback and Shopping Points, you’ll also find a whole host of exciting offers and discounts from our Online Loyalty Merchants. To find these amazing deals, simply log in to, go to “Get Offers” and click on “Current Offers”. Then all that’s left is to shop to your heart’s content!